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Monday, March 17, 2014


Tom Izzo now has more wins at the B1G Men's Basketball Tournament than any coach in conference history. Izzo was tied with Thad Matta heading into this past weekend, but Ohio STATE went 2-1, while Michigan State was 3-0.

Izzo now has 22 victories in the conference tournament. Matta has 21 Buckeye wins in the tournament, while Michigan Coach John Beilein has eight to his credit.

Izzo has won four conference tournament trophies (same as Matta), while Beilein has zero titles as Wolverines Head Coach.

Izzo is undefeated in conference championship games at 4-0.

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  1. You'd think with all Izzo has done, you Sparty's would stop comparing yourselves to Michigan?

    1. The comparisons are simple a response to Wolverine fans who say the rivalry is clearly in Michigan's favor now. It's a rivalry. That means there are naturally going to be comparisons regardless if the rivalry is currently competitive or not.

      Next you post, please check out the alternative way to post anonymously: To comment ANONYMOUSLY without signing in, USE THE Name/URL option (type a screen name of your choice - no URL required). You can also select a profile type to sign in if you prefer.

      Please DO NOT use the "anonymous" option because we cannot tell your comments apart from other anonymous comments. Just select the Name/URL option and make up a name - no URL is required. That is method is also anonymous.

    2. For your information, we are Spartans, not "Sparty's."

  2. Some of us have long memories. We can remember beyond the famous three-year time-barrier.

    Your school partnered with the Mafia (or its equivalent) to promote your sports teams and was only brought down by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. There is still the death of Ed Martin, timely as it was, to be fully explained.

    This web site (Dump the Chumps) is designed to target widespread media bias that consistently favors the University in Michigan. It is not "representative of Spartan Nation". You can call us extremist if you want, but we certainly are filling a niche.

    Many of us feel like we took a load of crap from your group the past month or two, during which your group went a bit overboard regarding your three-game win streak. Our job at this web site is to "balance" or "counter-balance" rumors and mainstream media coverage of the two schools. We will continue to do so.

    By the way, your "6-of-8 crowd" seemed to be comparing UM to MSU, but it doesn't bother me. We just want to the facts to be compared in a reasonable fashion, not by cherry-picking.

    1. Today's example: The Detroit News reports that MSU has "FINALLY BEATEN" Michigan.

      Wait, what's that, are they serious, "finally"??? The Spartans just beat UM for the 18th time in the last 27 games, but the mainstream media wants folks to believe that it almost never happens.

      If we had a t-shirt for this web site, maybe it would read, "We Counter-Balance".

  3. It reads to me like MSU is being compared to OSU. UM, appropriately, was merely mentioned in passing.


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