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Sunday, March 2, 2014


We've been getting more comments lately on our articles and we appreciate the input and interest shown by our readers. It's been fun to see a few new friends log-in with their names and get involved with the conversation.

It's also been a joy to see how some people are dismayed by the presence of this very web site. Sometimes you can just tell by what they say. They may technically be "disgruntled" but I prefer to consider them to be "creative partners" who inspire me to present interesting facts as a result of their probing questions and wide-ranging fantasies about sports.

One of those "Anonymous" commenters was adamant about viewing the Michigan State-Michigan basketball series only within the last three seasons. So, after giving it some thought, I decided to go ahead with it, a comparison of MSU and UM, but only using the last three seasons. Below you will find the series game results for each of the last three years, along with season summaries for both teams from each school.

Three-Season Summary: MSU & UM Basketball Programs

  • 2011:  27-6  /  First place / NCAA second round
  • 2011:  19-15 / Fourth place / NCAA first round
  • 2012:  20-12 / Second place / NCAA first round
  • 2012:  29-8   / First place / NCAA sweet sixteen
  • 2013:  25-9   / Third place / NCAA second round
  • 2013:  27-9   / Second place / NCAA sweet sixteen
Three Year MSU Record: 147-59 (.714)
Six NCAA Tournaments, 6-8 record
Two B1G Championships (two second place)

  • 2011:  17-13 / Third place / wnit
  • 2011:  20-13 / Fourth place / NCAA second round
  • 2012:  20-12 / Seventh place / NCAA first round
  • 2012:  24-9   / First place / NCAA first round
  • 2013:  22-11 / Fifth place / NCAA second round
  • 2013:  26-7   / Fourth place / NCAA final four
Three Year UM Record: 129-65 (.665)
Five NCAA Tournaments, 7-5 record
One B1G Championship (one third-place)

Three-Season Summary: MSU vs UM Basketball Games

2013 Games, MSU vs UM Basketball
  • (3-08-13) MSU by 16
  • (3-03-13) UM by 1
  • (2-16-13) UM by 1
  • (2-12-13) MSU by 23
  • (2-04-13) MSU by 15
MSU 3, UM 2
Spartans +52 in points

2012 Games, MSU vs UM Basketball
  • (2-05-12) MSU by 2
  • (2-05-12) MSU by 10
  • (1-17-12) UM by 1
  • (1-04-12) MSU by 5

MSU 3, UM 1
Spartans +16 in points

2011 Games, MSU vs UM Basketball
  • (3-05-11) UM by 7
  • (2-13-11) MSU by 13
  • (1-27-11) UM by 4
  • (1-09-11) MSU by 7
MSU 2, UM 2
Spartans +9 in points

We can summarize the three-season basketball comparison between the Spartans and Wolverines as follows:

  1. The Spartans lead in head-to-head games, 8-5.
  2. The Spartans lead in head-to-head points scored by 77 points.
  3. The Spartans have done better in the conference.
  4. The Spartans have gotten to the Big Dance slightly more often, but the Wolverines have won slightly more games there.
  5. The Spartans have won more games overall in the three seasons and have a better overall winning percentage during that time-frame.

So we say thanks to "Anonymous" for directing our attention to the last three seasons of basketball at Michigan State and Michigan. As long as the view is restricted to the previous three seasons, you can see the rivalry is closer than probably any other three-year viewpoint out of the last 20 years. So Michigan fans can rest assured that things are "not as bad" for them as they used to be for so very long.

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