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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


One Sunday in March saw the Michigan State Basketball team rack-up an 18-point lead over Michigan in the B1G Conference Championship game, as the Spartans won it for the second time in four years. The next day, everybody was wearing green, and anybody who wasn't wearing green got pinched. The next day, the President of the United States picked MSU to win the national championship.

Can you see the trend-line here? The State of Michigan is turning GREEN! Consider a few more recent events:

Let's break stride to talk football for a minute. As soon as national signing day was in the books, Ohio STATE Coach Urban Meyer was talking about Michigan State like his new arch-rival. He wouldn't say our name, but talked us up like the top team in the conference. And that same day, ESPN called the 2014 football league race in our favor. (So much for "little brother", right Fitz Toussaint?)
Now to women's basketball, or in this case actually, girls basketball. The top Spartan recruit, signed last November, Lexi Gussert was chasing all sorts of scoring records throughout her senior season. Then last week she was named "Player of the Year" in Class D. Then almost immediately afterwards, she was named as "Miss Basketball" for the State of Michigan. And she finished her high school career on the Breslin floor with her future teammates watching. Not bad!
Back to football. The College Football Hall of Fame announced 75 candidates for new membership, and several Spartans are on the list. Kirk Gibson, Clinton Jones, and Lorenzo White are up for the honor. Even Daryl Rogers made the cut. He wasn't with us for long, but he did coin the famous term "arrogant asses in Ann Arbor" to describe those chUMps. We can remember him for 24-16 in 1978, and for the fabulous "AA" reference.
Now on to education. As in, the College of Education at Michigan State. One of the gems of the MSU campus, the College of Education just made it 20 years in a row ranked as the #1 graduate school of Education in America. Not bad for the place chUMps call "Moo U", eh? (Michigan State also ranks #1 in Nuclear Physics, a field that has nothing to do with horses and cows.)
And we finish in Hollywood, where an East Lansing boy became famous despite his red hair. Tim Busfield, a good outfielder who also made his name as a "thirtysomething" kind of guy, is also our kind of guy. Busfield left the playing field at Patriarche Park to head west, then returned to mid-Michigan two years ago where he lives in a Little House hear Howell with actress (and wife) Melissa Gilbert. And despite never actually attending MSU, he says he is, and always will be, a Spartan.

So we enter this season of March Madness with high hopes, and we will stand alongside our President to cheer on our team, for better or worse. But it can't be too bad, can it? We're living in a Green State!


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  1. Michigan will always be a Blue State.. Your friend Obama would agree.

  2. Because you said so?

    Down Arrow - Name/URL - "Feeling Panicked"

    1. I figured Sparty would have trouble with that one. Think about it, if you're intelligent you should be able to figure it out.

    2. Okay, now maybe you should consider using "Dingbat" as your screen name here.

      There was no "trouble" getting your political reference. Yes, we get it; Red State / Blue State, Republicans / Democrats, yada-yada-yada. It wasn't funny or clever or on-point. SO WE DIDN'T RESPOND.

      Where did the "Unabomber" go to school and get his degree? What university employed the "Unabomber" while he was doing his bomb-making thing? Was the "Unabomber" a Leader, or was he the Best?

  3. Speaking of "on point," way to bring up the unibomber.

  4. Hey Dingbat. It doesn't take much intelligence to see 82 responding with absurdity by being absurd. Keep digging your hole deeper. We'll watch.

  5. If you had bothered to read it, you might appreciate that "Arrogant Asses in Ann Arbor" was a quote the article referenced.

    But I can't let you get too high and mighty. After all - in what has to be the scandal of the year - you did spell "Unabomber" with an "i". So will you be shredding your UM diploma or just wearing sackcloth for the remainder of the basketball season?


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