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Sunday, March 16, 2014


Just when we thought that the "three-year perspective" was all we had left to B1G conference basketball, we looked a little further, and guess what we found out? Not only does Michigan State lead the regular season conference standings over the past three years (when counting both men's and women's programs), the Spartans lead goes back for the PAST FOUR YEARS.

So the Wolverines may have evened things up lately, but a three-year OR four-year viewpoint still shows MSU on top. Here are the combined composite standings from the 2011 through 2014 regular seasons:

1.   94-42 MICHIGAN STATE***
2.   85-51 OHIO STATE**
3.   84-52 MICHIGAN**
4.   78-58 PURDUE
5.   72-64 PENN STATE***
      54-48 NEBRASKA
7.   70-66 WISCONSIN
      70-66 IOWA
9.   53-83 MINNESOTA
10. 48-88 ILLINOIS
11. 46-90 INDIANA*

*conference championships

This may help explain why all the yapping by the you-know-whos has seemed somewhat out of place, almost a bit forced, only over a recent streak. Especially a streak keyed by a pair of one-point wins.

Like they say, "it is what it is",
but that cuts both ways.

While 6-of-8 may be what "it is",
four years combined at the top
of the conference is also "what it is".

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