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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


The regular season of college basketball has ended, both men's and women's, so let's take a look at the combined basketball standings in the B1G conference 2014 regular season. Some folks may recall that Michigan State was on top last year, with 23 men's and women's team wins. Well, the Spartans have finished in first again, this time with 25 wins.

Here are the combined basketball team standings for the 2014 regular season:

  • 25-9   Michigan State*
  • 23-11  Nebraska
  • 23-11  Michigan*
  • 20-14  Iowa
  • 19-15  Penn State*
  • 16-18  Purdue
  • 16-18  Minnesota
  • 15-19  Ohio State
  • 15-19  Wisconsin
  • 12-22  Indiana
  • 11-23  Northwestern
  • 9-25    Illinois

*regular season champion

Spartans everywhere can take pride in the fact that MSU had the BEST OVERALL BASKETBALL PROGRAM in the B1G conference, with more wins than any other member school. And this isn't just a "peak year" or a fluke, as Michigan State also recorded the most wins in 2013.

For those who aren't used to counting women as equals to the men, consider these facts:

  • The women play on the same court as the men
  • The women have basically the same uniforms as the men
  • The women are all MSU students, just like the men
  • The women get funding from the same budget as the men
  • Tom Izzo and Suzy Merchant have the same "boss" (Mark Hollis)

Sure, it was just men who played in the "old days", but those days are long gone. Many male Spartan alumni take pride in the female sector of the student body (for various reasons) and here is another reason for school pride.

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  1. Nobody with half a brain cares about women's basketball. Same court, same dimensions, but two completely different games.

    Although I get it, you Sparty's haven't had a lot to cheer for lately, gotta take what you can get?

    1. I take it you believe that the University of Michigan has, in your words, "half a brain", eh? You might not have noticed, but ever since the late 1970's, women have been playing college basketball. That includes your adopted school.

      So call up Mary Sue Coleman, or Dave Brandon, and ask them why they are using their "half a brain" to fund a program that "nobody cares about".

      Rather than nothing to cheer for, you will soon find out that Spartan fans have more to cheer about than you. After all, you only have the one program, and only the most recent years for that one.

      Thanks for reading the web site, and for exposing yourself not only as a chUMp, but also a misogynist. We can tell from your comment that you don't have a girlfriend, wife, or daughter. (And by "girlfriend", we're not counting the plastic doll in your closet.)

      Theoretically, you may have a mother. Go ask your Mother if she has any value, then get back with us on her response.

  2. First, I am not a "Sparty" I am a Spartan. Second, anyone who is an alumni, student, faculty member, on staff, a booster, or just a support supports and cares about ALL of the athletics.

    You are just some troll who hides behind a wall on anonymity so he can post garbage.


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