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Sunday, December 1, 2013


Another month has drawn to a close, so it's time to announce the "chUMp of the Month" for November 2013.

You may recall our past dis-honorees, the "chUMps of the Month" for September and October, David Brandon and Fitzgerald Toussaint. Brandon earned the demerit with his silly stunt of sky-writing gibberish all over the Michigan sky, including near Spartan Stadium just before his lousy team almost lost to Akron. Fitzy-the-mouth got the razz for fuming at the pie-hole during the week before playing MSU by inexplicably calling the Spartans "his little brother" before rushing for a whopping 20 yards in an historic loss in East Lansing.

So it was looking like the King chUmp this month was likely to be that assault-and-battery specialist, pretty-boy Taylor Lewan. After all, he opened his fat trap before the big game to say that he and his buddies had been "bullied" by Michigan State last year, and they weren't going to let that happen again. Then after the game, he said it happened again. That was in-between "apologizing" for committing innumerable personal fouls that were caught on video but were not penalized during the game. Lewan was certainly the leader on the ticket for November "chUMp of the Month".

But then came "The (so-called) Game" between UM and OSU and we all saw what happened in that one. It was sort of like a new twist on an old cliche'; "I went to a backyard brawl and a brawl broke out." Except it was supposed to be a college football game, played by the rules you find in the rule book, not an actual fight.

But for the umpteenth time, Wolverine athletes showed they want to fight more than they want to play their sport. And for shamelessly starting the biggest on-field fight by UM players in recent memory, we award the November 2013 "chUMp of the Month" to......

#52, Royce Jenkins-Stone

It was this Little Boy Blue who openly assaulted Ohio STATE kick-returner Dontre Wilson after a wicked horse-collar tackle that was not penalized since the game was being played by "Michigan Rules" in the Pig House. (They've been known to use their own rules before.) When you watch the video of the incident, you can clearly see a group of UM players surround the OSU player as the play ends, standing over him and shouting trash at point-blank range. But it was Jenkins-Stone who jumped on Dontre Wilson and started to fight him in broad daylight. Naturally, Dontre Wilson fought back, only to be chucked from the game along with a teammate, while the weasel-loving officials protected all of the assailants except for Jenkins-Stone.

Whatever happens to this classless punk and his trashy cohorts is yet to be determined, and won't likely be sufficient based on their disgusting behavior. But let the record show that Royce Jenkins-Stone is the "chUMp of the Month" and has earned an automatic nomination for the Wolverine Hall of Shame (which will be announced in the future on this web site).

Here is his Twitter account:

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