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Thursday, December 12, 2013


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We have just received our first eye-witness report from the B1G Championship game at Lucas Oil Stadium last weekend. It's our own "C-Mann1979" who made the long drive to make the big scene.

C-Mann tells us that two Michigan players were on hand, Taylor Lewan and Devin Funchess, for some pre-game ceremony. Those two received a cascade of booing from the Spartan/Buckeye crowd.

He also says most Buckeye fans were questioning MSU's chances of actually winning the game:
"Ohio State fans kept asking me before the game what I truly thought State's chances were for the upset. I told them all that I truly thought the wrong team was favored and that they should be very worried. In the end, it looked like the wrong team was favored. Sparty won the game, the Bucks did not lose it. Though those same Buckeye fans see things differently, blaming the loss on their own play-calling. I guess they were planning to give up 34 points. BTW, I told those same fans that I believed the first team to score 29 points would win. And my predicted score was Sparty wins, 34-28. Not too shabby on the prediction parade."
One of our editors noticed the confetti falling on the field seemed to be an odd mixture of blue and yellow, and that question appeared in the Front Burner this week. But C-Mann was there, and he didn't see it that way:
"I haven't seen the replay of the post-game festivities but the confetti that fell in my section were all pastels and could in no way be linked to any Big Ten school colors. I brought some home to fill a box with Spartan gear from the weekend for my son's Christmas. I find it hard to believe that only blue and yellow fell near the podium but I'll look for it."
We'll wait for the update from C-Mann79 on the american confetti. But he noticed we didn't talk about the #4 ranking for the football team anywhere in our various monologues. He's thinking that the fans of some team MSU plays every year have seen it:
"How about a comment on our fourth place ranking? It just shows what a farce rankings are. It's the luck of the draw as to when you lose your only game of the season. But now that we're there, a Rose Bowl win could possibly allow Sparty to finish #3 in the year-end polls. Boy, would that upset a few chUMps (and the M4) out there."
He makes a good point. A loss could drop MSU out of the Top Ten, but a win will most certainly hold position or move up. But I think those who notice us now at #4 will still notice us in about the same way around #10 (if we lose), so I think they're already starting to get the point.

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  1. YouTube link:

    Blue, Yellow, & White Confetti starts at 16:30

    Funny how the Jim Delany OSU gaffe has been edited out.


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