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Sunday, December 8, 2013


Students at Michigan State University are pretty good at a lot of things, but students at the University of Michigan are much better at mis-behaving, breaking the law, and getting arrested.

Take Saturday night, for example. About 1000 kids gathered in Cedar Village and some of them burned some old furniture. Now the local authorities, who were apparently unprepared for any such event to happen, are launching a 24/7 search for somebody to arrest. They will presumably find some people and arrest them.

Well that's nothing compared to UM. Take last April 8th, for example. The Louisville men's basketball team won the NCAA Championship that night, and the Michigan student body proceeded to burn down the entire city. Now that's serious domestic terrorism. Why be isolated in a so-called "student ghetto" when you take your torches to the neighborhoods?

And what about the student-athletes, why not get them involved in the action? Up here in Spartan Country, it's always regular students and their friends (and out-of-towners) who get arrested, never anybody on scholarship. But in Ann Arbor, they do things right, or they don't do them at all.

That's why two Michigan athletes, wrestlers Justin Dozier and Rosario Bruno, led the charge to light up the night back in April after their favorite basketball team came to the end of their five-game win streak. Those two (and others) were arrested, charged, and sentenced for their felony-level crimes. The technical charge was "explosives-manufacture/possession of molotov cocktail". That beats anything that ever happened at Cedar Village.

And it was just last Friday morning that more than a dozen UM students decided to break-and-enter into Michigan Stadium. They were also caught and arrested. It's been done by them before. It's a felony-level crime. Am I making this up? Not at all, you can read about it right here.

So when you hear some Wolverines claiming to be the "leaders and best", this is the type of thing they mean. While they didn't have the first couch-burning party, they had the "best" one last April. When they couldn't keep the Ohio STATE football team from breaking up their Senior Day, they decided to break into their football sanctuary and do their little arson-and/or-vandalism thing right then and there. Gotta' admire their spunk, they are very good at being very bad.

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