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Friday, December 13, 2013


There they go again. The media wants everybody in Spartan Nation to feel ashamed of their students (and themselves) because a few future-former-students lit several bonfires on the Saturday night before Finals Week. The latest Cedar Village shindig was just another unregistered block party (the credentials for which would have included a burning permit). But it had no connection with MSU sports, as this event has been taking place sporadically for the past 30 years.

The media wants you to think that students at the University of Michigan are better than students at Michigan State University because "they wouldn't do a thing like that". That is patently absurd. We have numerous examples of UM students going a lot farther off the edge than the Michigan Mainstream Media Machine (M4) would have you believe.

Let's start with the riots of June 1969, known as the "Battle of Ann Arbor". The students actually had sexual relations in broad daylight on Main Street at that event, even amidst the tear gas. Four days long with hundreds of police officers in action and more than 70 arrests.

Back in 1989, when "Cedarfest" was in its infancy, the University of Michigan community offered a blueprint for how to party down after a major sports event. The overtime game against Seton Hall, the phantom foul with two seconds left to send Remedial Robinson to the line, and then the real games began around Ann Arbor town. Flipped cars, broken windows, and arrests capped off a weekend of rioting. Those crazy UM students even attacked an ambulance during the party. Here are some newspaper articles from the Ann Arbor Police Department, with lots of fun pictures.

The did it again in 1992, during the Final Four that was erased from their record books. When Ed Martin's team fell short of the national championship, all hell broke loose on the Michigan campus. Tear gas, mounted police, thousands of students in the streets throwing rocks at the cops. Sounds like it was a riot. (More police records here.)

Have you heard of these happenings? Many of you probably have not heard all about these incidents. That's because you-know-who (the M4) don't want you to think about them, so they don't dwell on them. We wrote about some of this a few days ago, including details on the recent student invasion into the football stadium, resulting in more than a dozen arrests. Any reasonable preview of the 2013 Final Four would have included warnings to business-owners and residents around the UM campus based on what happened in the past.

But the UM students don't need a Final Four to destroy public property in a drunken frenzy, not even a Final Four that was taken away by the NCAA. They're happy to use Saint Patrick's Day as an excuse to get rowdy over their defeat the night before at the hands of the OHIO Bobcats. That's what happened just last year, in 2012.

And last season, those same library-rats lit the town up after the national semi-final against Syracuse. When you read this story, notice how the couches were burned in the street. When it says "in the street", that means a residential neighborhood, unlike Cedar Village (which includes zero full-time resident homeowners).

That brings us to the last game of the 2013 college basketball season, when students at the University of Michigan attempted to burn the town up after Louisville won the game. At least two of those students were on athletic scholarship, varsity wrestlers Justin Dozier and Rosario Bruno. Both were arrested, charged, prosecuted, and processed through the criminal justice system. Bruno remains on the UM wrestling team.

Those two were hardly the ringleaders, as the general student body at Michigan did plenty of damage on their own. The rioting was significant enough that the mass media might have referenced it when Cedarfest caught their attention last weekend, but they somehow all missed that "related story" reference in their coverage. Almost like the UM stuff never happened. But it most certainly did.

When you review all of the historical facts, it's hard to overlook one question about students at the University of Michigan: What's wrong with these kids? Why do they do all of these things? What motivates their behavior? And remember, it's not just post-game brawls that get these young people excited.

Don't forget about the annual assaults against the Sparty statue by Michigan students intending to vandalize public property. The most notorious incident was in 1998, when an obviously organized squad of UM students was repelled by members of the MSU Marching Band. Police arrested 14 students from the University of Michigan, and all were prosecuted and convicted.

And what about the "Naked Mile", an annual rite-of-spring during which hundreds of UM students, both male and female, strip off all of their clothes and run right through downtown Ann Arbor in front of cheering crowds? How would this event be reported if it was happening in East Lansing on Grand River Avenue?

And let's recall the annual "Hash Bash", a University of Michigan student tradition since just after the arrival of Bo Shembechler as coach. Thousands congregate on the sacred UM Diag to light up and be happy, all day long, in broad daylight. What would happen if this event was held at Beaumont Tower each year?

Enough sanctimony about students at the University of Michigan. They are, ironically, even wilder and crazier than they claim MSU to be. Their strange behaviors and unusual traditions - - - even destructive - - - are glossed over by the M4 on a regular basis. When it comes to social disorder and student misbehavior, they are most definitely the "leaders and the best".

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  1. One of your best, and that's saying something. Readers, please do yourself a favor and be sure to click the last link of the fourth paragraph. "Lots of fun pictures" is putting it mildly.

  2. Just a suggestion, but I think the article would profit by also mentioning that AN AMBULANCE was attacked while trying to provide medical care to a rioting UM fan in the 1989 fracas .


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