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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


The football season has mercifully come to an end for the Michigan Wolverines. That means there are no more opponents left to kick, bite, face-mask, punch, or stomp during ball-games. No more clothes-lining, crack-backing, or ripping off helmets during live action or after the play is over.

There will be no more chances to start fights like Royce Jenkins-Stone did against Ohio State last weekend, no more bench-clearing brawls with the coach running out to the field (sans headset) to hold back his thugs.

Well, there is that little bowl game they'll get to play, but nobody much will be watching, so it won't be as fun for the players to eye-gouge and spit and trip the guys in the other uniforms. So sad it all had to end for this year.

Did you all notice that it was UM that started the fight against OSU? Seven Michigan players surrounded Dontre Wilson after the play was over and stood over him laughing like jackals or trash-talking like playground dropouts or whatever they were saying while they weren't returning to their bench at the end of the play. Plus punching Wilson and ripping his helmet off.

They definitely baited the young Buckeye as they swarmed around him, well after the play was finished. Somehow, they escaped with only a single player ejection. Jim Delany certainly loves Michigan.

We told you on this web site before the Wolverines came to town all about their dirty deeds. We predicted that Taylor Lewan would go crazy again, and he did, just like he prides himself on doing.

But since Delany has given UM his blessing for brawling, we thought it would be a good time to share a few other highlight clips from the Michigan Football history books.

These aren't the only violent acts by Michigan players that went unpunished, but these are the ones we located quickly among the on-line archives. There are certainly many other incidents. But just like the ugly mess sparked by the Wolverines against Ohio State last weekend, they usually get off "scot-free", leaving the general impression with the general pubic that they didn't really do anything.

The Wolverines of Michigan are a truly dirty football program, just coming off NCAA Probation, and still up to their old dirty tricks.

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