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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Reports began surfacing during the last 24 hours that Michigan Football player Taylor Lewan may have carried his post-whistle punching habits to a new extreme after losing to Ohio STATE last month. Lewan allegedly beat-up some people in the streets of Ann Arbor sometime after midnight on November 30. The police report about the incident was filed on December 1.

There was definitely an incident, and local police are now confirming that Lewan was identified at the scene as the perpetrator of what the hospital report calls an "assault". The first reports were provided by the Buckeye version of "247sports", and you can read a detailed story about the event right here. This version gives a good sense of how official authorities in Ann Arbor work on a daily basis to cover up problems caused by UM athletes.

Now MLive has picked up the story, as it can no longer be ignored. Here is their report on the situation, absent many of the details provided by 247sports.

The Toledo Blade has also picked up the story, as has BleacherReport.

Lewan reportedly threatened to rape a college student at the University of Michigan if she pressed charges against teammate Brendan Gibbons for raping her in the first place. Some folks in Ann Arbor don't care for that type of behavior, and they have kept the story going at this website, including police reports and quotes from those involved.

Lewan is the same guy who claimed Michigan State "bullied" him in 2011, and vowed it would not happen again in 2013. During the game, he played as dirty as any player in college football history. Then after the game, he apologized for playing dirty and said he was "bullied" again by Sparty.

Taylor Lewan was given dishonorable mention as the "chUMp of the month" runner-up on this web site for November. He is now the leading candidate for top dishonors this month.

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