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Thursday, November 27, 2014


On this Thanksgiving Day, it's appropriate that we offer thanks to Michigan Football Coach BRADY HOKE, for his four excellent years of service. I still remember that cold January day when his hiring was announced, warming up our chilly Spartan hearts. We could see that Bad Moon Rising for the Wolverines.

Now that the moon is about to set on UM, we would like to thank Coach Hoke for everything he has done - - - and not done - - - as the leader of the Blues. And for that, we would like your input!

Please place your comments of Thanks for Hoke in the comment section below this article. We will add your thoughts to ours as we prepare a message of Thanksgiving, to be posted within an hour of the announcement that Brady Hoke has been fired.

Be sure to get your comments in right away, as the hours are dwindling on the Hoke Era!

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  1. I really appreciated the excitement Brady created with his highly rated recruiting classes, only to never build on their natural ability.

    I also thank Brady Hoke bring his former boss, AD David Brandon, to experience the excitement the crowd and the Izzone creates at the Breslin Center. They picked a great game as the Spartans handed the "We On" UM men's basketball team.

    Also, it was fun watch the budding romance between Brady Hoke and Sparty.

  2. Thank you, Coach Hoke, for your devotion the Michigan football program. You have helped my alma mater more than you will ever realize. I truly look forward to your success in your next head coaching job. I want you to succeed as much as your predecessor has at Arizona. Let the athletic department continue to think it is their coaching hires that have been the problem.

    There are many things I will follow when you get that new head coaching job. Will you recruit four and five star high school athletes and try to be their father by letting them run the show or will you begin to recruit lesser athletes and mold them into a team like the current B1G coach down the road.

    When a student athlete on your team gets in trouble with the law, and they will, do you take decisive action to send a message to your team or continue wait and let the legal system run its course before making a decision?

    When you are invited to attend a local high school football camp will you send an assistant and turn it into a recruiting trip or treat it as a training camp as it was meant to be?

    And finally, I will be interested to see if you take your new team to an 11-2 record and a bowl win in your first year without any of your personal recruits.

    All the best to you and your future endeavors.

  3. And as for your replacement, Coach Hoke, I am wondering if the new athletic director in Ann Arbor will look for another Michigan Man (in name only like you) or try to find a head coach who can take a storied football program and return it to glory.

    I have a well known candidate that has been mentioned as your replacement. But he has a strong SEC background and I know the alumni do not take kindly to the better than you attitude from that conference. Also, he followed a former Michigan State head coach both in college and into the pros so he has to have some knowledge of what winning is like especially since that head coach has won two national championships and is in the running every year.

    His four year head coaching career in the SEC started slowly with a 7-6 record but that year he won his bowl game against the team you call Ohio. Something that only happens once a decade these days in Ann Arbor. This guy is 1-0 against the Buckeyes.

    His second year he finished 11-2 and in the top ten rankings. Sounds familiar for a new head coach.

    Then things went south for this once dominant program. They finished 2013 with seven straight losses and a sorry 4-8 record. But the school decided to give the coach and his full bevy of recruits one more chance. Boy, that sounds familiar too.

    And this year didn't meet the usual standards even though they are bowl eligible and should finish the regular season 6-5 that included an upset of a top ten team that allowed them to qualify for a bowl game. Something you had trouble doing in all four years at Ann Arbor. Unless of course you win your final regular season game. Which is about as likely as Appalachian State winning two in a row in front of 100,000+.

    Will Muschamp has all ready been released from the University of Florida so he could help with recruiting right away. It's a perfect fit if your future former employers could only accept logic over arrogance.

  4. One more thing I'll look for once you land your new head coaching team, Coach Hoke. I wonder if you will look unkindly toward offered recruits who desire to visit other college programs before making a final decision on their college career. Or will that be an attitude reserved only for the Ann Arbor program?

  5. Great comments, gentlemen! I will prepare them as full posts for publication tomorrow during "The" game.


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