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Saturday, November 22, 2014


Things haven't been going well for the Michigan Football program. But that doesn't mean Wolverine fans can't enjoy another fine trip down memory lane. If you know someone who roots for UM, take note of this date, as it may provide solace while their current season swirls down the drain.

It was on this date in 1884 that the University of Michigan Rugby Team defeated the Chicago University Club, racking up one of those bazillion so-called football victories that you see written up on blue and yellow t-shirts. (Many decades after the game, they renamed the sport "football" in order to jack-up their all-time wins totals for marketing purposes.)

This was a huge event, drawing some 200 people according to The Chronicle, a weekly newspaper of that era:

Michigan played its second and final game of the season, an 18–10 victory over a Chicago city team reportedly "composed of business men." The Chronicle reported that the Chicago city team was "made up almost wholly of Englishmen who learned to kick shins at the English public schools."

The UM team scored almost immediately, then paused to explain the rules of the game to their opponent. After the game, the Chicago team complained about the uneven field conditions, pointing out that the home team was obviously accustomed to them. Some things never change!

A touchdown was worth four points, while a field-goal was worth six points. There was no forward passing and it was illegal to tackle below the waist. Nevertheless, every time you see an "all-time wins total" for Michigan Football, it includes this game.

This victory clinched an "undefeated season" for UM,
as they finished 2-0. That means 1884 is one of those
"undefeated seasons" that they like to talk about.

So if you see a Wolverine fan looking glum about the 2014 season, why not try to cheer them up with a reminder that only 130 years ago, they took down a collection of English businessmen on a crooked field who had never played by UM rules before. And by Michigan standards, that's counts just the same as beating Ohio State.

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