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Sunday, November 9, 2014


Many Michigan football fans have been living in a state of denial regarding the nature of their "true rival", especially during the Mark Dantonio Era. They always want to claim that only Ohio State (or sometimes, Notre Dame) is their "Rival", while Michigan State is just another game on their schedule.

Now that MSU and OSU played a game with virtually equal circumstances for both teams, we have a litmus-test to ascertain the identity of UM's "true rival". Any Wolverine fan who sees the Buckeyes as their rival MUST HAVE been rooting for the Spartans in that game.

If any Michigan fans you know admit they were happy to see Ohio State win, you've got them, once and for all. So be sure to ask them who they rooted for. Or if they give you a mouthful of gas about MSU losing the game, be sure to tell them you appreciate knowing that Sparty is their true nemesis, not Brutus.

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