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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


We got a reader comment last week that suggested we were being a bit too harsh on the Michigan Wolverines. JIM LAKELAND said we should turn our focus to other schools, like Ohio State, or maybe Wisconsin or Nebraska. He said UM was now "irrelevant" and we should probably back off on our scrutiny.

But we're not alone! Many other people have been Wolverine-bashing, including former players from that very program. Who can forget the comments made by Desmond Howard, after visiting a Michigan football practice earlier this season? He basically said they looked awful, like nobody cared about being the best they could be. And he used to wear the Princeton Helmet.

Then a few days ago, former player Larry Foote opened his mouth and criticized the soft players he sees on game days wearing the striped helmets. Foote plays in the National Football League, so he should know what he's talking about.

We're here for one main reason only, to show the world what's TRUE about the University of Michigan, sharing information that is real, but also really hard to find anywhere else. We're much more based in FACTS than opinions, but former UM players are sharing their opinions openly these days.

Our final offering today comes from a professional, neutral entity called 247sports. We found this link in the comment thread of an article about Wolverine football on M-Live. It's a video montage of plays from the Michigan-Northwestern game last weekend, and it was intended to be funny. (And by "funny", we mean "pathetic".) So, click on the link below, and enjoy the show!

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