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Sunday, November 9, 2014


On behalf of this web site, and for those in Spartan Nation, we would like to offer our CONGRATULATIONS to the Ohio State football team for their convincing victory over Michigan State on Saturday night.

It was a well-played game, with little to no controversy. The officials called lots of penalties accurately, they might have missed one or two on both sides, but they did not determine the outcome of the game.

The winner of this game was determined on the field, and it was clear to see that the better team won the game. It appears that the Buckeyes are the best team in the conference.

We would also like to wish the best to OSU in their season-ending game in Columbus later this month. We hope to see them play as hard and with as much focus against Michigan as they did against MSU. We expect Ohio State to win their next two games, and we will then root for them to open a can of whoop-ass on the other team from this state.*

Spartan fans have already been commended for sportsmanship on campus and in the stadium during the game. Let's continue the trend of good behavior, for there is no reason to hate on a team just because they beat you on the field. After all, Spartans and Buckeyes have a common "enemy".

*Unless OSU loses one of the next two games, and MSU has already won their remaining games at the time Michigan plays Ohio State. In that case, and in that case only, we may choose to root for UM, as it would represent an assured and direct benefit to the Spartans. If Michigan State is scheduled to play Penn State AFTER the OSU-UM game is over, we will certainly be rooting for Brutus against the Weasels.

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