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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


While getting ready for basketball season we noticed the University of Michigan has only one player from the State of Michigan. There's a surprise!

So we checked on Michigan State and found that close to half (44%) are playing college basketball in their home state. Seven out of the 16 Spartan players graduated high school in Michigan. That's not a surprise. Without checking every MSU team roster from the past 40 years, I would guess that they all had a preponderance of players from the State of Michigan. It's always been that way.
UM has 1 of 15 players from Michigan - 7%
MSU has 7 of 16 players from Michigan - 44%
This fact may matter more or less to various people, but it stands as consistent with the general comparisons between the two schools. In general, Michigan State tends more towards close connections to local areas, while Michigan seems to be based largely outside of the state.

When we checked the coaches for both teams, we found the same pattern.

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