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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Michigan Basketball Coach John Beilein has stepped out-of-the-box again. The ingenious innovator who took power-forwards out of his game-concept, and dropped interior passing in favor of bombing away from long-distance, has offered a new way to approach recruitment of players.

Yesterday was National Signing Day in college basketball, and Beilein did not sign-up any players to play for UM in the Class of 2015. You read it right, zero players have signed to play for the Wolverines next season. Zilch, nada, the null-set.

Perhaps the old coach got tired of the recruiting trail, choosing to sign six players last year, and apparently deciding that was enough to carry his team forward without any new blood in the 2015 class.

It's an unprecedented move, as no major programs have ever been known to leave a class totally empty, at least not on purpose. Michigan State has added as few as two players in a class, but never zero.

In case you were wondering why you haven't heard much about the Michigan Basketball recruiting class of 2015, now you know the reason why!

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  1. You should have provided a link to the Beilein article on MLive, regardless of hatred to everything blue, it was an exceptional read.

    1. Bill,
      Uhhh. The goal of the DUMP the chUMps side of this web site is to reveal the illusions, lies and facts and Ann Arbor sports. Readers can find all sorts of glossy (and glossed over), warm and fuzzy reading about that athletic department in variety of media machine outlets that carries UM's water. Our goal is NOT to be fair and balanced in distributing "ata-boys" to each of the largest in state programs. Rather, we offer a factual and fun balance to the media and (mis)perceptions that already exist "out there" - related to who and what UM is. We aren't fair and balanced, we offer a voice of balance to the avalanche of UM love that in propagated daily, both consciously and subconsciously in news, social media and by sheep at the water cooler. A reader who wishes to find pro-UM media, can easily find it elsewhere. Our goal is to provide anti-UM facts, stories and satire that is difficult to find or unavailable elsewhere. Thanks for the input, but this time, you get THE GONG.

      For articles on this site about Johnny B go here:
      If Tom Izzo quit, how old will Beilein be when he catches Tom Izzo?



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