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Friday, November 7, 2014


This is a very big day in the history of Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Michigan. It was twelve years ago on this date that the President of UM openly accepted shame for the so-called "Ed Martin Scandal".

Many of us believe this was the defining moment of Wolverine sports. They did all of the stuff they did, then they lied about it, covered it up, hid behind the truth, and then finally, when they were backed into a corner, proclaimed a "Day of Shame".

The Michigan faithful have been scrubbing the Internet ever since then, making it increasingly difficult even in the digital-age to find evidence that this ever actually happened. Many among their fan-base would deny it.

So we bring you this information for at least as long as Wolverine Nation wants to carry on about their (make-believe) "All-Time Wins Record" in football. You may want to copy or screen-save some of these stories, in case the Blue Meanies actually succeed at distorting the historical record. One of the best sources of information on the sordid saga can be found on Wikipedia, so we present that link right here:

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