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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The Internet is swimming with comments from fans defending their University of Michigan in on-line comment forums on sports media. The Bluebloods are enraged by their school football team! They don't like their precious "on-field product", and they're increasingly upset about their "off-field antics". Maybe Frank Clark was the straw that broke the camel's back.

There are a few Green Guys & Gals who chime-in on the Wolverine comment threads, and they mostly just pick on UM for one problem or another. They don't generally say anything directly about Michigan State, though many identify their affiliation clearly through their icon. Most of them are pretty close on facts and stats, and they are sort of rubbing it in their faces.

Invariably, the Michigan faithful will take shots at MSU, hitting whatever perceived weakness(es) they can identify. In some cases, their points are accurate. But they all basically fall back on  the claim that "this-or-that happens everywhere". Many commenters cite situations at other schools, and they frequently reference Spartan history in their viewpoints. But again, it always comes down to the key point that "this-or-that-happens-everywhere".

This is where they totally miss their own point. They are posting comments that prove what we've been saying for years; that Michigan is just about like any other similar place, with some good things and people, and not-so-good things and people. They are not "different", they are about the same.

Stuff happens everywhere, including at UM.
These Michigan supporters posting their comparisons
to other schools are proving that their school
is about the same as so many others.

We appreciate the reminders we keep reading on-line from the Yellow Faithful that their school is so similar to so many others in so many negative ways. So much for the "Michigan Difference".

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  1. I figured out why I'm bothered by this site. DumptheChumps just helps perpetuate the notion that the MSU faithful are Wolverine haters first, and Spartan fans second.

    With everything Michigan State has done the last few years I just don't understand why Michigan is on any Sparty's radar. I'm sure someday the school in AA will be back to being the program we all hated growing up, but why would we want to rub anything in their face, that's why we hated them. I think it shows that Spartan fans are no different than Wolverine fans.

    I guess I come from the "don't poke the bear" mentality. Let them cannibalize themselves, and just quietly laugh.

    1. Thanks for your comment Bill Dunphy. Surprised you took the time to comment on a site that "bothers" you.

      What was your first MSU Football game? Who was your all-time favorite MSU Basketball player? Where do you rank Dantonio and Izzo on your all-time favorite sports coaches list?

    2. Bill,

      Unfortunately, you are making the assumption that our intent is to "rub it in their face" as if they are helpless victims. Again, aside from having some fun, the main point is is to hold out the truth about a program that lives in illusion. Whether they are winning or losing is not really relevant. What is relevant is that people who want it, have access to the factual data about them.

      In addition, this is not a football site. Football does show up a lot because it is the most popular sport, but there are other sports (and non-sports issues) at UM. In some of those sports, they are doing quite well. Either way, it does not change our approach.

      This is not about UM bashing. This is about adding a small weight on the opposing side of a UM weighted scale. An example is this silly notion about UM's greatness based on records of rugby scrimmages in the days of the covered wagon hitched to horses. Another is "national championships" which, before the AP began awarding them, were "claimed" by schools - More than one school could "claim" to be national champions in the same year. The issue? UM has been "awarded" one AP national championship. ONE! But the general perception is that UM has been elite forever and has trophy cases full of national championship awards. Even the Bo years are entirely over-inflated in the psyche of not only Michigan fans, but college football fans throughout the country. There is nothing wrong with exposing the truth - even when their football is down. Why wait until they rise again to begin speaking truth again? Do we turn the site on and off based on the record of their football team?

  2. Magic, Izzo behind only Chuck Daly, Dantonio is first among football coaches (but what Lion's coach could top him?). 1991 ND game in South Bend.. It sucked. Spartans lost by some 30 points.

    If we avoided everything that bothered us, there wouldn't be a site called DumptheChumps, would there?


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