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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Every so often, we get accused of being "too rough" on Michigan. Hard to believe, no? After all, this web site exists for that primary purpose. Still, at times, some folks can't take it and claim we're being altogether too mean to that school.

Okay, we're harsh at times, but it's a truth-based harshness, not mindless trash-talk. We even invented the name "chUMps" to take the place of the more nasty terminology that was going around a few years ago. Plus, when did anybody ever call-out the weasels for all of their nonsense? (Besides us and Mark Dantonio.)

We feel the pain of Wolverines International, but only because we hear them talking about it. That's right, it's they who do the real crap-job on themselves, and we just read about it in the sports media. So this week, we thought it was time to share.

The comments below are from self-described UM fans who posted on an M-Live article headlined, "Michigan now playing with nothing to lose as bowl eligibility the only prize left in 2014". We thought it was best at this point to let the Wolverine fans speak for themselves. Enjoy!

"Ann Arbor Pioneer could possibly devise a plan to stop the U-M offense the way it is playing currently."

"Shoot, Tom, the Pioneers could play their base defense throughout the game and still hold U-M's offense to less than 300 yards total offense."

"As much as I like Brady Hoke and wanted him to succeed, this has been two years of the worst football I've ever seen. If the defense weren't playing decently, I can't imagine how depressing it would be ever since the Akron game last year."
-CO Wolverine Fan

"Let's be realistic here, Michigan isn't going to beat OSU. Right now, OSU is varsity and Michigan is middle school."

"Winning or losing next two games is no longer important."

"There's nothing left in terms of "fixes" or excuses. It's unfortunately obvious that this coaching staff can't get it done, and that Nuss's hiring did not help, not in terms of scoring or DG's development (or tailoring the offense to his strengths)."

"Did you watch that game Saturday night with OSU's freshman QB throwing laser beams all over the place? Compare that to the putrid performance of our 5th year senior QB and you know we have no chance against Ohio."

"Hoke's fate was decided weeks ago. If there was any question about his fate it ended when Brandon was fired.....cough cough, resigned. Even if UM was to beat OSU, Hoke is gone, and the chances of winning at OSU are slim and none, and slim just left."
-Jeff Fire Hoke AND Brandon

"Hokes fate was sealed after the ND drubbing as far as I'm concerned. He's dead in the water and the whole team knows it."

"Michigan just needs to lose Brady Hoke and this entire coaching staff. Now that the idiot that hired a coach with a losing coaching record, in the MAC no less, is gone, Michigan can get an AD with a clue and hire a coach who is a proven winner."

"I will possibly be buried in a maize and blue casket but part of me wants Urban Meyer (who I pretty much despise) to turn the heat up as high as it will go against Michigan so everyone can realize what Coach Flintstone has done to the team. Aside from the obvious physical likeness, Flintstone is a good name for BH because basically has the team playing a pre-historic brand of football. They have gone nowhere with Devin "Dino" Gardner at the helm yet BH keeps calling his number 98 (whose idea was that again?). It's all such a mess."
-Dean Colovas

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