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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


The natives are restless as Michigan looks towards its latest "Clash of the Titans" home game against the Northern Kentucky Norse. Wolverine fans are howling at the failings of John Beilein and his miserable team. According to them, it's going to be another long season.

The consensus among the UM fan-base is that this year's edition of the "John Beilein Era" is coming up a bit short of expectations. It now appears as if the Michigan Men's Basketball team may not win the national championship this season. And boy, are they pissed-off to realize it!

We make no such predictions or claims about UM Basketball, and we're happy to let their famous fans speak for themselves. These comments were published during the last week in the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit News comments threads:

Most UM fans talk about how Beilein takes 2-star players and sends them to the NBA.
Larry is one of the few who have noticed that those guys should have stayed in school.

Thomas, has the luster started to go a bit dull on John Beilein? Makes sense.
And you suggest Jalen Rose as the next UM Coach? Makes no sense at all!

Don't worry, Renae, JB has the #27-ranked class coming in next year.
Your basketball future is guaranteed with Johnny B!

Tony, it seems like John Beilein does not like Fifth-Year Seniors, at all.
Did you notice yet? Neither does Jim Harbaugh, he's running them off, too!

So, Lovett, one of your players turns an ankle and you want him dUMped?
And Troy, are you serious? UM has "fair-weather fans"? REALLY?

Chuck, we've been pointing out the "delusional" UM fan-base for years.

It's Wolverine "fans" against Wolverine "fans" - - - such a unified fan-base.
With "fans" like these, who needs "fair-weather fakers"?

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