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Monday, December 14, 2015


We have always maintained that not all people who root for Michigan are "chUMps". But there are certain groups in the UM fan-base that qualify on a regular basis. It could be due to lots of different things.

One criteria to become a "chUMp" would be Disloyalty to Players on the part of fans. When we root for a team, we root for the players of that team. We may like some more than others, but we don't dislike any of them since they wear our team uniform. Some people see it otherwise. Those people are "chUMps".

Here are some more of their recently published comments (M-Live):

That's right, LionTrap, when you thought that, you were WRONG.

Are you down on John Beilein, Blueinsc? Why is that?
We heard you guys say he was "better than Izzo" not that long ago.

Don't worry guys, Beilein has "closed the gap" on MSU. You just wait.
As soon as your guys hit 15 threes in a game, they can be competitive.

"Stooges" and "busts"? You guys are such LOYAL FANS.
Bet you can't wait for the Player Reunions! (not)

Nice analysis, RW. The recruiting rankings were mediocre.
But don't worry! The #27 class in the country is coming!

Now you can see why Beilein dismissed Max Bielfeldt. Or not!
Remember, Beilfeldt wanted to stay at Michigan. JB dissed him.


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  1. Hold on there Buck-o! I thought the chUMp Nation was touting how JB was a better coach than Izzo and the media was carrying their water. Funny how for 6 years chUMps here telling us how UM football was a year away from being great and MSU will return to being a bottom dweller or mediocre at best. Meanwhile SM82 was explaining how UM basketball would quickly exit center stage and MSU Basketball would remain the class of the Big Ten.


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