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Thursday, December 24, 2015


Those chUMps sure know how to keep their own lips flapping, don't they? It's the only fan-base in American sports that always talks smack when they win AND when they lose. Their raison d' etre is to wallow in their own trash-talk.

So it seems like we hear something different from them each year, but it also seems to be about the same each year. Nothing will deter them from the belief that rugby scrimmages in the late 1800s were actually equivalent to the "Football" games played this year.

One the best things that Michigan State Football Coach Mark Dantonio said was, "I find a lot of things they do to be amusing." That pretty much sums it up, right? So we present the annual slogans for Michigan Football for the past ten years, presented here in print as we heard them repeated endlessly over the last decade:

2007"It's like when you play your Little brother in the driveway..."
2008:  "We have the best Coach available. He will teach the Big Ten how to play football."
2009:  "Lloyd left the cupboard bare. Just wait till Coach Rodriguez gets his own players."
2010:  "These three years don't count because our coach stinks."
2011:  "Rich Rod left the cupboard bare."
2012:  "We won on a last second field goal! That means it's over for Sparty."
2013:  "The window has closed on the Spartans now that they are in the same division as OHIO and Michigan."
2014:  "The past three years don't count. We had Fred Flintstone as coach."
2015:  "It's over for Sparty! We have the Supreme King as our coach now."
2016:  "We just got another Top Five recruiting class! MSU might have won seven of the last eight games against us, they might have won 11 games in five of the last six seasons, including a Rose Bowl and a Cotton Bowl, they might have won three of the five Big ten Championship games, and qualified for the college football "Final Four"......but now it's definitely over for Sparty!"

The annual slogan for MSU Football under Dantonio:


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  1. You missed a very important one.

    "Rodriguez is going to teach the B1G Ten how to play football."

    Merry Christmas to you and the Spartan faithful everywhere.

  2. 76: Great point, made the change. This list was originated by RTG, slightly modified by SM82 and now you.


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