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Sunday, December 13, 2015


John Beilein needed to do something to quell the restless natives. So he called in Delaware State, hot off an eight-game losing streak, to roll over in the Crisler Center for some basketball therapy. Ahhh, the sweet relief of victory once again! Michigan can feel good again, right? If it's not DSU, it's Northern Michigan. Just throw another win on the pile.

But the Wolverine fan-base is losing interest in the John Beilein system. Seems like they want to see a real basketball team competing at a real Division One level. It's almost as if they thought they were "back" only to realize they were never really "back" at all.

Today we share some juicy comments from the Wolverine Loyalists whom we've come to know so well over the decades. Enjoy!

Well, TruBlu, usually Beilein dismisses the big guys BEFORE their Senior season.
Like Evan Smotrycz and Max Bielfeldt. They were dropped like hot potatoes.

No, MFan, we're not surprised. We were only "surprised" by that little mini-run
when your team actually made the NCAA Tournament. Remember those years?

Paul, you just described what we call the "John Beilein Era".
A2Man, only NBA teams have "NBA Talent" at the 1, 2, and 3.

HeartbreakM, maybe Beilein could redshirt the entire team to make them better.
Michael, you enjoyed the game against Delaware State, right?

DoubleG, but remember, Beilein has "closed the gap" on Tom Izzo!
Remember the "6-out-of-8" streak? That's now a "0-out-of-3" streak.

Blue03, remember, it's the NAIA where Beilein earned his stripes.
Your program has been built on small-college basketball principles.

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