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Monday, December 14, 2015


The Internet was ablaze with chUMp Nation scorn last week over the hammer-job laid on their Wolverine basketball team by Southern Methodist University. Michigan was throttled, coming within a 21-18 margin by mid-first-half, then getting outscored 61-40 the rest of the way. Mustangs by 24.

The outcome was reminiscent of the recent losses to Connecticut and Xavier and it wasn't settling well with the Walmart Wolverine crowd. The chUMps were chewing up their own team and spitting them out online for days on end after the SMU dunk-fest.

So we decided to expand their media platform by showing you some of the more noteworthy entries in the field of team cannibalism. These are chUMps at their greatest, meaning their lowest, of course. They defile themselves as they degrade their own "team". By all means, enjoy the show!

But Winkie, you told us that Beilein had "passed by Izzo", didn't you?

Nice "Stooges" reference, blueinsc. Stooges and "Busts" is what you called them last time.
Maybe you agree with WingedHelmet that the team is like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

You give new meaning to the term, "watching the Big Dance".  And great ideas as well!
Anybody who would watch the tournament in a strip club must be an excellent coach.

Champ, a lot of strategies work when you have a starting lineup filled with "NBA type players".
Nice idea, that Beilein use his own system in "small doses" to allow more time for your system.

Beilein has locked-up the incoming class for next season, it's ranked #27 in the nation.
So, help is on the way! 

Careful, Maize, that you don't work yourself into a Rage!

TruBlu, thanks, we know it's always about Harbaugh with you guys, right?
Too bad for Beilein he doesn't get two-thirds home-games like......

The above comments originally appeared on M-Live articles.


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