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Thursday, December 24, 2015


As each year comes to a close, we reflect back on the joys of the past twelve months. On this web site, there is no greater joy than to defeat Michigan, especially when they are favored to win the game, and especially when their fan-base is running their mouths leading up to the contest, carrying on about how great the original UM Rugby teams were before the invention of NCAA College Football.

So it's no surprise that we should wish to commemorate the legendary finish to the football game played on October 17 in Ann Arbor. Hard to remember, but the Wolverines were heavy favorites to win that game, at least according to Vegas.

The following poetry was adapted by us from a piece that has become very popular this week on Facebook, and while we don't know the original author, we thank them for it, and we apologize to them for making a few changes here and there to suit our tastes.

'Twas just one more play,
In the Rivalry game...
And it looked like the Spartans
Were pulling up lame.

Our team down by two,
Just ten seconds remaining...
While thoughts of Paul Bunyan
Were hopelessly waning.

Spartan Nation was bumming,
It seemed to be done...
With just one more punt,
The Blues would have won.

Coach D on the sideline,
Gathered players to hear...
He spoke to the Rangers,
Their mission was clear.

Every man knew his job,
As each Ranger stood tall.
Come hell or high water,
They must get that ball!

The teams took their places,
No Spartans were back.
They lined up together,
All primed to attack.

Wolverine fans may wonder,
As they toss in their sleep...
Why there were two "gunners",
When no one was deep?

The snap came in low,
So the punter reached down...
The ball hit his hands,
And it then hit the ground!

More rapid than eagles,
Those Rangers they came...
And Coach D he shouted,
And called them by name:

"Now, Macksood! Now, Harrell!"
"Now Leimbach and Grayson!"
"On, Dowell! On, Willis!"
"On Monty and Jalen!"

Then what to our wondering
Eyes did we see,
But a forceful collision,
As the ball popped out free!

That pigskin took flight
In the chaotic action,
Landing right in the hands
Of Jalen Watts-Jackson!

Then off to the end zone
Those Rangers they sped,
To flip the big scoreboard
In this game they'd not led.

With blockers aplenty,
And green grass in sight,
A hero named Jackson
Was surrounded by white.

As the ball crossed the goal line,
Surprise filled the air,
With hands to their heads,
The home crowd pulled their hair.

The Rangers had done it,
They'd finished the trip!
The only small problem
Was Jackson's bad hip.

The clock read all zeroes,
The Spartans had won!
But their dream of a title
Was not yet quite done.

And into the air
Of that Ann Arbor night,
Rose loud Spartan cheers
Of "Go Green!" And "Go White!"

Now somewhere it's snowing,
And somewhere it's sunny.
But nowhere on earth is it
Quite so darn funny...

To listen to chUMps
As they bitch and complain,
As they shout that the Winner
Did not win that game!

They looked at the scoreboard
They longed for the past,
They dreamed of their team
With a much different cast.

They wanted so badly
To go back in Time,
To rewrite the story,
To change this whole rhyme.

But nothing they do
Can erase the true story,
The Spartans had won,
And reclaimed the Glory!


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