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Friday, July 31, 2015


Next week is "Shembechler Week"
(this article was originally published on 4-9-15)

The bitter Michigan fan-base is trying to make Spartan fans feel bad about basketball, despite their own belly-up performance in 2015. We predicted this several days ago. Our expectation was not based on losing in the semi-final, or even the final game of the Big Dance. We knew that even if MSU won the national title, UM fans would make up claims against us, trying to make themselves feel better by making us feel worse.

WELL IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK, YOU SILLY chUMps. There is no need for Spartan fans to feel bad about our basketball program, either Men's or Women's, and certainly not by comparison to the University of Michigan.

You will find a lot of information on this web site that can be used at the water-cooler and the bus-stop and the lunch-room. We will now begin to assemble some more factual data that can be used to put the chUMps in their place.

  • Michigan won a total of three (3) games in the months of February and March COMBINED this season.
  • UM's last two wins of the season were against Rutgers and Illinois.
  • The Wolverines finished in 9th-place in the conference.
  • Texas Southern made the NCAA Tournament, Michigan didn't.
  • The Wolverines were ranked #23 in the pre-season, and they finished #71 (by Sagarin).
  • Michigan finished its season on March 13, losing in the quarterfinals of their conference tournament.

That's awesome, baby! You can see why the chUMps are out in full force, trying to tear down the Tom Izzo program. Compare the facts above to the corresponding MSU facts below:

  • Michigan State won a total of thirteen (13) games in the months of February and March this season.
  • MSU's last two wins of the season were against #3-seed Oklahoma and #4-seed Louisville.
  • Michigan State finished in 3rd-place in the conference.
  • The Spartans made the NCAA Tournament, the Wolverines missed the N.I.T.
  • Michigan State was ranked #18 in the preseason, and they finished #7 (AP).
  • MSU finished its season on April 4, losing in the semi-finals of the NCAA Tournament.

There, now we all knew the facts listed above, as we all saw it happen. But the chUMps want to step in and distract us from reality, in favor of their delusional fantasies. Don't let it happen! Don't sit there and just "take it" from the chUMps!

When they spew nonsense, answer them with FACTS!

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