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Sunday, July 19, 2015


(July is "Beilein Month" - - - originally published on 4-10-15)

Well, you can put your yellow-and-blue hats back on, as John Beilein has done it again. The Guru of Greatness took his sweet time, but came through with the "home-run recruit" this week in Moritz Wagner, a can't-miss prospect from the Rhineland. So now Michigan Basketball is all set for the new millennium.

Why Germany, you might ask? Why not, says the old apple-picker. We all know what a hotbed of basketball they have there, with Germans practically running the NBA. Every time we watch the NBA All-Star Game and the playoffs, practically all we see are German guys running all over the court putting on a world-class show. Makes sense that Beilein would want to get his hands on one of those coveted German players, eh?

Now he's reeled him in, and this stud is literally "off-the-charts"! In this case, that means you can't find Wagner anywhere, on any chart. He may be totally unranked by all of the major recruiting services, but this gem is a diamond-in-the-rough, as his most recent stats clearly show. This guy put up eye-popping numbers in his most recent league, scoring better than five points per game. (That's "five", as in "5".) Plus he pulled down an impressive three rebounds per game. (That's "three", as in "3".) All that production in an average of 10 minutes per game.

Plus, this guy is a beast. Standing somewhere between 6'8" and 6'10" (nobody really knows for sure), he weighs just north of 200 pounds, or about the same weight as Alvin Ellis. Talk about a "space-eater"! What a presence he will have in the low post, er, I mean, the perimeter, where everybody sets up in the UM offense.

The best part about the German Jammer? He is only 17 years old. That means he can be out of Ann Arbor before his 20th birthday, at which time Beilein can find another young skinny unknown to make the hearts of Michigan fans everywhere flutter with joy.

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