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Monday, July 27, 2015


July is "Beilein Month"
(Originally published on 2-20-15)

That obnoxious yapping sound we've all heard for the past couple of years has finally been extinguished. It was the sound of arrogance, coming from fans of Michigan Basketball.

Their favorite team "stole a game" from Michigan State, twice by a single point over the past several years. Those two narrow victories were each in sequence with two single-digit UM wins over MSU, creating a pair of three-game win-streaks. This led to the "six-out-of-eight" crowing that turned into "six-of-nine" and then "six-of-ten".

It appears that the Arrogant Automatons have now run out of fuel for their glorious fantasies. Those two one-point wins were the basis of their claims that the Michigan Basketball Program was "better than" the one at Michigan State, and even that John Beilein is "better than" Tom IzzoThose folks couldn't accept their surprising upsets with dignity and class, instead making bold and audacious claims to explain their lucky wins.

We recently summarized the last 25 games between the two teams to see the macro-picture of the rivalry series. Now we take a micro-picture of the "streaks" by both teams over that 25-game span, covering the last 13 years. Take a look at the list below to see every streak up to 25 starting from NOW.

The last 25 games are arranged in reverse-chronological order, with the most recent game at the top. (The date and score of each game is included.) The bolded text shows what the streak is, for either team, as of TODAY. There is no longer any need to cherry-pick the number of games to be described, as all 25 are listed below. Those who wish to count up the last four, or the last 13, or the last 22, or whatever, may simply refer to this list:

  1. MSU- 1 of the last 1  (2-17-15) MSU by 13
  2. MSU- 2 of the last 2  (2-01-15) MSU by 10
  3. MSU- 3 of the last 3  (3-16-14) MSU by 14
  4. MSU- 3 of the last 4  (2-23-14) UM by 9
  5. MSU- 3 of the last 5  (1-25-14) UM by 5
  6. Tied- 3 of the last 6  (3-03-13) UM by 1
  7. MSU- 4 of the last 7  (2-12-13) MSU by 23
  8. MSU- 5 of the last 8  (2-05-12) MSU by 10
  9. MSU- 5 of the last 9  (1-17-12) UM by 1
  10. Tied- 5 of the last 10  (3-05-11) UM by 7
  11. UM  - 6 of the last 11  (1-27-11) UM by 4
  12. Tied- 6 of the last 12  (3-07-10) MSU by 16
  13. MSU- 7 of the last 13  (1-26-10) MSU by 1
  14. MSU- 8 of the last 14  (2-10-09) MSU by 12
  15. MSU- 9 of the last 15  (1-27-08) MSU by 15
  16. MSU- 9 of the last 16  (2-27-07) UM by 11
  17. MSU- 10 of the last 17  (2-13-07) MSU by 15
  18. MSU- 11 of the last 18  (2-18-06) MSU by 19
  19. MSU- 11 of the last 19  (1-25-06) UM by 5
  20. MSU- 12 of the last 20  (2-12-05) MSU by 15
  21. MSU- 13 of the last 21  (1-27-05) MSU by 11
  22. MSU- 14 of the last 22  (2-24-04) MSU by 3
  23. MSU- 15 of the last 23  (1-17-04) MSU by 17
  24. MSU- 15 of the last 24  (1-26-03) UM by 2
  25. MSU- 16 of the last 25   (1-30-02) MSU by 27

Rather than cherry-picking the length of your favorite streak, we recommend counting streaks in five-game increments. For that reason, we have slightly highlighted those five-game increments in light red.

There is only one "streak" going back 25 games
in which Michigan leads Michigan State.

In the last 11 games, UM holds a 6-5 lead.
There are also three ties.

The other 21 measuring-sticks

We call for an end to the prideful boasting and arrogance from Ann Arbor based only on a pair of one-point victories. Congratulations to them and their team when they win a game or two, and for bringing their program up to "par" with the rest of the conference. We don't need to laugh at them for having a down season, but they really ought to shut up about their rare and narrow wins over MSU.

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