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Friday, July 24, 2015


(July is "Beilein Month" - - - originally published on 2-2-15)

Well, I've heard about enough, how about you? All of the commentary and analysis after the VICTORY BY MICHIGAN STATE at the Breslin on Sunday seems to be declaring the Michigan Wolverines as the "actual winner" of the game. Huh?

I was there, and I saw a very close game won by the home team in an overtime period during which the visitor did not even score a single point. How often does a team get literally shut-out in OT? How much credit are the Spartans getting for the win? Obviously, not much.

The Michigan Mainstream Media Machine (M-4) is at it again, working in full gear to convince folks that UM is still the straw that stirs the drink. Here's the way it apparently works:

If UM wins, they are the winner, and
if UM loses, they are still "the winner".

The pre-game coronation ceremony began with an article by Drew Sharp, in which he declared that John Beilein was a better coach than Tom Izzo (at least "right now", whatever that means). So, despite the fact that Izzo has multiple career accomplishments that exceed or even dwarf those of Beilein, the M-4 wants you to believe that the UM guy is better than the MSU guy.

Then MSU wins the game, running their rivals literally off the court in OT, and the enthronement continues throughout the sports media, as they marvel at the wondrous achievements of the Michigan Basketball program. Even as most observers are expecting UM to miss out on the Big Dance for the 15th time in 20 seasons.

Beilein's Boys did a good job on Sunday, putting up a credible fight against their rivals during their "down season", so why isn't that story-line good enough? Why must the losers be crowned as the winners in the arena of public opinion?

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