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Wednesday, July 15, 2015


More and more evidence piles up demonstrating that we may actually have been too rough on good old Johnny Beilein. He was being heralded by the sports media as the true winner in the game he actually lost at the Breslin Center last season, and some folks were claiming that he's a better coach than Tom Izzo , despite the historical record. So we called them out.

Our continuing search and scrutiny of the history books and review of all kinds of data has revealed yet another category in which Beilein holds a lead on Izzo; a commanding lead of 16-13 in recruiting (

         Beilein has recruited 16 players rated 3-stars

         by since taking the AA job.

         Izzo has fallen way behind with only
13 players rated 3-stars and none lower
during Beilein's dominance of the State.

Clearly, Beilein is much better at getting lower rated recruits than Izzo. In fact, Beilein is as good at getting the higher rated players as Izzo is at getting the 3-star players. Maybe that's one reason why folks are so high on Beilein these days.

  • 5-star: Beilein 2, Izzo  4
  • 4-star: Beilein 11, Izzo 13
  • 3-star: Beilein 16, Izzo 13
  • 2-star: Beilein 2, Izzo  0
  • 0-star: Beilein 1, Izzo  0

It also explains why Beilein is getting philosophical about recruiting. Or, maybe there is another reason? Or maybe it is simply that John Beilein has crapped out on the recruiting trail.

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