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Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Looks like the Lord of Football is planning another publicity stunt. Jim Harbaugh wants to get cozy and personal with his players and his recruits, so he decided to take Mick Jagger's advice and spend the night with all of them. This raises a few questions:
Will Harbs go shirtless again? He seemed to enjoy that so much with the boys down south.
Will they play "Spin the Bottle"? It's a popular game for teens and teen-wanna-bes.
Who gets the top bunk? That mattress tends to squeak a lot with rapid movements. 
Will there be chaperones? Seems like there should be some adults to watch over the kids and their kid-like companion.
Who's bringing the beer? It won't be any fun for Jim Minick without the brew.
Will Harbaugh bring his Michael Jackson CD collection? Seems appropriate.

The final questions about the guy in Ann Arbor:

Are any Michigan fans embarrassed by this stuff?
Where will it all end?


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