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Monday, January 4, 2016


What happened to the Michigan Women's Basketball team? Seems like just yesterday we heard about their near-record start to this season, after they won their first seven games of the year. True, all but one of those games was played in Crisler, with the only road trip all the way to Detroit. And yes, none of the teams UM beat approaches "The Bubble" of the Big Dance every March, but hey, 7-0 is 7-0, right?

Since that glorious seventh victory, the Wolverine Women
have lost five out of six games, leaving them nowhere
to be found in the weekly rankings or even near
the top of the conference standings.

Wasn't this supposed to be "the year" for Kim Barnes-Arico? Didn't she just bring in a nationally-ranked recruiting class? Isn't she the heralded Assistant Coach of the USA National Team?

Flashback to last year, when Michigan took advantage of the injury-ravaged Michigan State lineup, beating the Spartans twice in the same season for the first time in more than a decade. The Lady Wolverines went on to finish below .500 in the B1G and were eliminated by MSU in the conference tournament, but they made a run in the W.N.I.T. to pad their season record with 20 wins.

In her three years at UM, she has led her squad to conference finishes of Fifth-place, Seventh-place, and Eighth-place, compiling a 25-25 league record before dropping a pair to start this season.

The Wolverines play the Spartans only once in the regular season this year, scheduled for Thursday, February 4 at the Breslin Center.


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