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Thursday, January 14, 2016


I heard some chUMp on the radio this week, ranting about how he thinks Michigan should have been ranked ABOVE MICHIGAN STATE in the final Associated Press football rankings. This arrogant explosion came despite the fact that UM was moved up five spots after beating a lower-ranked team, while MSU was dropped three spots for losing to the eventual national champion. In other words, it's a long way between #3 and #17 (where the two teams were ranked heading into the bowl games).

The weekly rankings are largely baloney (especially preseason rankings) but the final poll position gives a reasonable index to the overall quality of the season. Let's review the past decade of final rankings for college football by the Associated Press.

Michigan State made the Top Ten for the third year in a row, finishing at #6. Michigan finished just outside the Top Ten at #12 after finishing unranked for the past two seasons. UM Football has not made the Top Ten since 2006.

The Spartans have been ranked by the AP six times in the past decade, while the Wolverines have made the Top 25 only five seasons out of the past ten.

UM Final AP Football Rank
  • 2015 - #12
  • 2014 - unranked
  • 2013 - unranked
  • 2012 - #24
  • 2011 - #12
  • 2010 - unranked
  • 2009 - unranked
  • 2008 - unranked
  • 2007 - #18
  • 2006 - #8

MSU Final AP Football Rank
  • 2015 - #6
  • 2014 - #8
  • 2013 - #3
  • 2012 - unranked
  • 2011 - #11
  • 2010 - #14
  • 2009 - unranked
  • 2008 - #24
  • 2007 - unranked
  • 2006 - unranked

Since Mark Dantonio became MSU Head Coach,
the Spartans have finished ahead of the Wolverines
in the final AP poll in six out of nine seasons.

In the last six years, Dantonio has placed
Michigan State ahead of Michigan five times.

The blue-bellied lunatic who was raving about how his team should be ranked ahead of our team was forgetting a few things:

  • MSU won the head-to-head matchup
  • MSU had the better overall record
  • MSU won the league in which both teams play

We all run into chUMps, and we give you relevant information to use in any discussions, arguments, debates, or cash-bets with them as they project their internal fantasies into our world. If any chUMps complain about UM getting ranked lower than MSU this season, for whatever "reasons" they offer, you can just tell them, "It's really not that unusual."


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