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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


This is what's known in the field of Journalism as as "retraction". We previously reported something that now seems to be "wrong", so we must withdraw it from our record.

We read a story last month about Michigan Basketball player Spike Albrecht abruptly announcing his "retirement" from college basketball. With a year of eligibility remaining, and notable achievements as a walk-on who made games tough on opponents, we wanted to tip our hat to the young man who seemed to embody the best of collegiate sports. You can read what we said here. We meant what we said when we said it.

We wanted to honor a bitter rival who seemed to play the right way, and despite the damage he caused to our own team in past games, to wish him well as an act of sportsmanship.

Now Albrecht and his father and coach are singing a different tune. They are now claiming that maybe little Mikey may not be "retiring" after all. They are looking at his final year of eligibility and talking about making a return next season at UM.

So this was basically just an attention-grabbing publicity stunt, an act that is all-too-common in Wolverine culture. This was the walk-on equivalent of Desmond Howard posing like an award statue in the end-zone, or Michael Talley rubbing his hind-quarters on the Block-S at center-court in Breslin, or Gary Moeller flying into a drunken public rage against his wife, or Lloyd Carr sanctimoniously crying "foul" as Moeller was fired only to take his job for the next decade without ever looking back.

In other words, this was just some more Wolverine CRAP.

We'd like to retract the nice things we said about Albrecht, as he is proving to be little more than another whiny, self-centered, bee-atch wearing yellow and blue. He was struggling with rehabilitation from his injuries and decided to make a big deal of himself by doing what very few college athletes ever do, by "retiring" in the middle of his senior season. What a self-serving little prick!

We now hope that Albrecht decides to make his triumphant return, coming out of "retirement" to work his butt off in hopes of re-joining the team, only to be unceremoniously dUMped by John Beilein, the same way the Beilein has given walking papers to several fifth-year seniors in recent years.

We now hope that Albrecht gets dUMped by the chUMps.


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