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Thursday, January 28, 2016


There is only one game scheduled between Michigan State and Michigan in men's basketball this season, and it's just over a week away. The game will be played in Crisler Arena on Saturday February 6. It's a big game for both teams, as MSU is trying to win the B1G and grab a #1-seed in the Big Dance, while UM is trying to make the post-season after missing it altogether last year.

Still a few games for the teams to play before they meet, but let's get started early with the pre-game hype! Here are a few articles to get the rivalry blood flowing:

Hint: The Spartans lead, 16-9, outscoring UM by 176 points.

Have the Wolverines really been "that good"? How often?

Remember the "six-of-the-last-nine" crowd? We take it several steps farther!

They did this last year, too. Way to pad the record, Beilein!

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