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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Video: Inside the Locker Room Game Week and During Game. Join the Team Here...

This video from is as good - actually better than any TV show I have seen on the Spartans. It includes the Boise State game week prep, quick player interviews, the game-day team walk and campus excitement, pregame meetings, first half high (and low) lights with unusual camera angles and many shots of fans, coaches and players you just don't see on TV. Then, the half-time locker room meeting and second half dominance followed by the locker room fight song and coach D speech. The video quality is superb.


  1. This would be a wonderful weekly addition to the season if this comes out following each game. Well done.


  2. Thanks CMann79. I wish! They really did a great job with this. Thanks to Mike Valenti for tweeting the link earlier today!


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