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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Game One Reaction: 1-0, plenty to work on, but lots of good signs...

I just wanted to share my recap given to a Michigan fan in a post on

Mine is the last response. Am I the only one who found encouragement from the how the game went Friday?

Kiel Vedrode ·  Top Commenter · Wayne State University
I haven't spoken to any Sparty's since the game... Are MSU fans content with the results of the game Friday night?

Not trying to be condescending, just wondering. I was on my way Up North & only got to see the 4th quarter. I was surprised they were down at the end of the 3rd.

  • LeRoy Neal ·  Top Commenter
    Yes. We won the game.

  • Kiel Vedrode ·  Top Commenter · Wayne State University
    Can anyone else please provide a more elaborate answer? I know it may be difficult to expound on LeRoy's provocative response, buuuut... give it a shot.
  • ill lay it on you, no were not content with that game and the overall performance. What matters is they came out with the win and the defense gave up less yards overall than bell had by himself. its probably safe to say the offense will get better each week and if the defense shows up every week, I'm not going to be too concerned with U of M or OSU, and looking at Wisconsin did in week one they don't look too menacing either.

    As a Michigan fan would say, we just didn't play Michigan State football, but they won nonetheless and i expect them to continue winning. Its hard to lose whenh youre giving up 6 points a game

  • yeah we need work, but im comfortable with what they showed me, may not be national championship contender material yet but they look like they are in a good spot to make it to the big 10 championship game

  • I think Jerry summed it up pretty well. Those were my sentiments after watching the game. (I am a Sparty.)

  • Aaron Schurg ·  Top Commenter · Michigan State University
    I think State needs some growth at QB and WR, but we knew that going into this game. There was one dumb throw that cost MSU 7 point. There was one flukish INT that cost MSU 3 points. There was one big play that cost MSU another 3. Overall, defense looked good against a complex, "multiple" offense. MSU could have pounded the rock all night and the final would have been 24-3, but Treadwell knows MSU needs to have Maxwell get some meaningful experience so Bell does not wear down later this year. Survive and improve. We'll know more by the end of ND.

  • no - not happy. lots of areas for improvement, and not a lot of time. Its all fixable though. Next week we should see better decision making; the timing with receivers will get there in a few weeks.

  • Kiel Vedrode - I'll give it a shot. 

    The reasons to be concerned - lack of separation and completing a play for receivers, O-line not as strong as advertised and too many key penalties in game one. 

    Reasons to be encouraged - The team what we all said it would be early on. The need to rely on Bell and Sims and a suffocating defense and good special teams. Bell Big Ten O-player of the week, Sims crucial third down grabs and obvious mismatch. Defense allowed no TDs (one was a pick six) and both FGs came off very short drives due to turnovers. RS-F Williamson makes ESPN play #3 with interception. Hit 50-yard FG. 

    On the turn-overs, see receivers - one was a perfect strike, in stride after Maxwell was 4 of 4 or 5 of 5 to start the game that Lippett lost control of in to a DBs hands. Lippett is good - that will be corrected. The second bounced off Caper's hands who is normally sure handed - correctable. The third was ugly, but unknown if receiver ran wrong angle on the slant or Maxwell pressed being down due to previous turn-overs. He still hit on 60% of his passes even with more drops. That will get better as receivers lose touches if they do not secure the ball before running. 

    O-line takes longest to gel (see 2011). 

    All in all - I'm OK. I think there is far more evidence that MSU will fulfill expectations than evidence to the contrary. 

    Rushing and defense with help from the TE won the game and Maxwell was serviceable for a first start. Exactly as scripted - yet gave coaches a ton to work on and keep the players humble - then they will also get hammered for the stupid twitter comments.

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  1. That's a very accurate concise summary of the game, very realistic. Although it was not an entertaining game to watch after the first few series, the mundane tension we experienced does not necessarily translate into bad games in the future. It does, however, suggest that there may some other boring victories yet to come.

    Which generally summarizes the Dantonio Era to this point...we are now easily bored by watching our team beat a ranked opponent on ESPN.

  2. Great game to work on the items we struggled with versus the ranked team. Then the Irish and another week to fix things before the season begins with the Buckeyes.

    I love the way the first four games fall. Perfect for a new QB and his receiving crew.


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