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Friday, September 28, 2012

How Do Buckeyes View Last Year's Loss to Spartans? How About This Year's Game? Here...

This is a great read from the "Bux" perspective as game time approaches. Thanks to C-Mann79's Columbus friend, BuckNut, for sharing it with (origianal site:

Good morning one and all and welcome to your first B1G football season Skully of the year.

Hopefully, pondering the awesomeness of the conference didn't make you click to your Better Homes and Gardens bookmark.

If you're still with me, you know there's a game tomorrow afternoon in East Lansing. If that was enough to hold your interest, then clearly you remember last year's 10-7 defeat to the Fightin' Dantonios in which your Ohio State Buckeyes played in what was without question the most lopsided three-point game in the history of organized sport.

Having successfully erased that visual skid mark from my memory bank, I had to go back and read last year's Five Things to refresh myself on just how awful a game we were forced to watch. Nine sacks against Bollman's line. A yards per rush of 0.9. Cunningham torching Howard Island. It wasn't pretty.

This year, much of the talk centers around whether or not... jump to original blog site to continue

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