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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Should Spartans be Rooting for chUMps Tonight?

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What is best for the Spartans?

A. Play the chUMps while they are undefeated and highly ranked. Would it be better to knock the chUMps off their "arrogant asses" and be the team to begin their second half slide? Is it a case of the higher they are (emotionally and ranked), the harder
and more painful their fall?

B. Play the chUMps following a loss. Would it make them more hungry? Would it serve as a wake up call making them more focused for the Spartan game? Would it demoralize them with the "same ole Wolvies" syndrome for which they have become famous (fast start with home schedule and mostly weak opponents). Would it put them is a "here we go again" frame of mind? Would it give the Spartan coaching staff clues to the best way to beat them?

I don't like playing them after a loss. I also love the idea of them being a top ten team and beating them again. Does that mean Return2Glory will root for them? No way. Can't do it. Even if a chUMp win sends the Spartans to the Rose Bowl - I can not, and will not root for them. I never stray from the undeniable truth about this rivalry: What's bad for them is good for us - you can never root for the chUMps. It is always dUMp the chUMps day in my house.

Still, my first loyalty is to the Spartans - directly. Spartans winning is more important than the chUMps losing. Of course I would rather the Spartans go to the Rose Bowl even if to do so meant the chUMps finally beat Ohio State - someday. That doesn't mean I have to root for them.

So how does a Spartan resolve the conflict? Ignore the game and take whatever comes. That is the best you can do in this scenario.

What do you think?

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1 comment:

  1. I agree. No matter the scenario you must not root for the chUMps. That said knowing that they beat NW, I believe it is better for them to play us undefeated.
    1) They're undefeated.
    2) A Sparty win would give us the tie breaker if we both finished with one loss in the division.
    3) A loss to Little Brother for the fourth year in a row would just devastate them. (hee hee)
    4) The Irish played inspired football after their second straight loss to open the season.
    5) Remember the chUMps and their annual schedule. They are often 4-1 or 5-0 and struggle lately to make a bowl game. I am ready for another Big Ten tailspin starting with a loss in Spartan Stadium.


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