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Thursday, October 13, 2011


There is such a hulabaloo going on about the big game this weekend, so many things happening, including "Midnight Madness" for the MSU Basketball Program. Turns out the calendar coincided this year with hosting UM the next day in football. Several former players will be on hand, including Shannon Brown, Morris Petersen, and Jason Richardson. This adds to the excitement heading into the stadium on Saturday.

The University in Michigan doesn't have a special event to kick off the college basketball season on October 15. Can you imagine why? For example, how would they find any players to showcase, once you discount those who were involved in the scandal? (Crickets.) To this day, Chris Webber is not allowed to have any contact whatsoever with Weasel Kingdom. How can they transmit a positive vibration from their former coaches, all of whom have been fired? What on earth would they celebrate about that program anyway?

So many questions, so little time. But a quick schedule note for any Wolverines with a good sense of history. Just three weeks from Monday will be the annual "Day of Shame" on the U-of-M campus. November 7th marks the ninth year since Mary Sue Coleman took down the banners and pissed on the Block-M. It was she who coined the famous name for this annual commemoration, the "Great Day of Shame".

This famous date is celebrated on the U-of-M Diag each year with a clever ceremony. Michigan students take turns pissing on each other's heads and telling each other that it's raining. This is an artistic depiction of what every UM Athletic Administrator did to each other throughout most of the 1980's and 1990's.

The excitement and pride of the Spartan Basketball program will likely be felt by the football team and throughout the stadium, especially with the recent donation by Tom Izzo to the MSU Football program. Meanwhile, the weasels will be acting like nothing's happening. That may just translate onto the field.

So please allow me to revise my pregame prediction to:


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