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Sunday, October 16, 2011

After dUMping the chUMps, Spartans still ELITE in Defense

Half way through the season and two games in, to what Spartan Dan called the "meat grinder" portion of the schedule, the Spartans are at or near the top of the national rankings in many defensive categories.


Passing yards per game: #1
        Next Game, Wisconsin is #3
Rushing Yards per game: #3
        Next Game, Wisconsin is way down the list (could be the area that turns the tables?)
Total yards per game: #2 (less than two yards per game behind Alabama)
         Next Game, Wisconsin is #7
Sacks per game: #3
        Next Game, Wisconsin is way down the list (could be the area that turns the tables?)
Points per game: #4
          Next Game, Wisconsin is #3
          Past opponents: Notre Dame #31
                                   Ohio State #13
                                   chUMps #9 (really?)


Next year's theme:
"dUMp the chUMps in the Pig House - Again"


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  1. We should be #1 in total yards per game if we could have one of those personal fouls or any of those third down penalties taken away. Those 14 penalties kept drives alive for chUMp. This Saturday could be our last major hurdle to Indy. It's real easy. If we don't win we don't go.

  2. Not true c-mann,

    Wisky is in the other division. All the teams in our division have one or more losses. If we lose to Wisky we will be among the 1 loss crowd. We are already ahead of chUMps is a tie-breaker. We would play Nebraska the following week (away). A win there puts us in the drivers seat with Iowa still to come. Iowa and Nebraska play each other in the final week. We will likely end with two Big 10 losses. But, looking at Iowa and Nebraska's schedules - they too are likely to lose a second time. A Spartan vs. Wisky helps us a lot, but is not essential. A loss to Nebraska is a killer only if we lose to Wisky too.

    Nebraska Schedule 2011
    Date Opponent Result / Time
    9/3 vs. Chattanooga W 40 - 7
    9/10 vs. Fresno State W 42 - 29
    9/17 vs. Washington W 51 - 38
    9/24 at Wyoming W 38 - 14
    10/1 at 7 Wisconsin L 17 - 48
    10/8 vs. Ohio State W 34 - 27
    10/22 at Minnesota 3:30 ET
    10/29 vs. 15 Michigan State TBA
    11/5 vs. Northwestern TBA
    11/12 at Penn State TBA
    11/19 at 18 Michigan TBA
    11/25 vs. Iowa 12:00 ET

    Iowa Schedule 2011
    Date Opponent Result / Time
    9/3 vs. Tennessee Tech W 34 - 7
    9/10 at Iowa State L 41 - 44
    9/17 vs. Pittsburgh W 31 - 27
    9/24 vs. Louisiana-Monroe W 45 - 17
    10/8 at Penn State L 3 - 13
    10/15 vs. Northwestern W 41 - 31
    10/22 vs. Indiana 12:00 ET
    10/29 at Minnesota TBA
    11/5 vs. 18 Michigan TBA
    11/12 vs. 15 Michigan State TBA
    11/19 at Purdue TBA
    11/25 at 13 Nebraska 12:00 ET


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