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Friday, October 14, 2011


With all of the hype surrounding the big game tomorrow, don't forget that next week is MSU Homecoming. There will be even more festivities throughout the week leading up to the night game against Wisconsin. One of those events will be the annual Homecoming Parade, traditionally held the night before the game.

Many Spartan luminaries will appear in the parade, including former MSU Hockey Coach and Athletic Director Ron Mason. This is the same guy who holds the all-time wins record in college hockey, and his name graces the Central Collegiate Hockey Association championship trophy. (This has nothing to do with Paul Bunyan.) It's called the "Mason Cup".

By direct comparison, the current Michigan Hockey Coach is a convicted criminal who goes by the name "Red", which is the color his face turns when you ask him what he was doing on the night of March 16, 1994. This UM "luminary" was busted and thrown into the drunk tank after whizzing on the wall of a library and driving away while drunk. He was probably just trying to set an example for his buddy Gary Moeller, who used his position as UM Football Coach to conduct a drunken tirade against his wife in a public display of affection on April 28, 1995.

The most interesting thing about these two drunken fools is that Moeller resigned under pressure, but Berenson has been propped up for nearly two decades as some sort of a role model for youth. I'm guessing this means that he is considered a "Michigan Man", since he was Captain of the Ohio State University football team. Perhaps Mary Sue Coleman should take a closer look at Berenson's shameful conduct.

These guys cast a cloud over the U-of-M. At some point, there's a chance that some of the football players will realize the truth about their fabled heroes. If so, that could have an effect on the big game.

Therefore, let me adjust my pregame prediction to:


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