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Saturday, September 10, 2011

SpartanMan82 declares needs. Spartans Deliver.

In his post, “We Can’t Always Get What We Want”, Spartman82 illustrated the difference between what we, as fans, WANT and what “we”, as a football team NEEDS.

In the exhibition game last week, Spartans did not get what they wanted or needed – other than a win and minimal to no injuries. This afternoon the Spartans delivered, with authority, exactly what SM82 outlined prior to the game – in both the WANT and NEED categories.

Maxwell to play an entire half (of equivalent thereof): CHECK
RBs to carry the ball at least five times each: CHECK
Force at least a handful of three-and-outs: CHECK
Sack their QB a few times: CHECK
“We don’t  need any particular [number of] turnovers, though we will gladly use them to get around to meeting our needs.” GOT ‘EM
Force at least six punts: CHECK
Present a solid kicking game: CHECK
Keep our penalties below 75 yards: CHECK

“If we can we can get these needs met without scoring 70 points, I’m good with that. What I really WANT is the weather” to be like last week’s game and like it was for the Rolling Stones concert at Spartan Stadium when they performed, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” (note C-Mann79 on guitar in the video below). CHECK!

So SpartanMan82, What is it we NEED from our first “real” game next weekend in South Bend?
Excellent analysis – can you do it again?


  1. Our last NEED is an offensive showing by the Irish on the road tonight. The only game I root for that overrated program.

  2. CM-79,

    Did you catch the video with you on guitar?



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