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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Response to the "ugliness" of Spartans first game

Dantonio agrees with SpartanMan82. He had a slip of the tongue and said "OK, lets re-crap this"

Well, well. Look who showed up to the party with his first Post on dUMp the chUMps. SpartanMan82 published his first post. SpartanMan82 is the creator of the phrase dUMp the chUMps and will be the featured Author on this site as we grow (in one week, we have gone from zero to 19 "likes" on Facebook).

Fittingly, SpartanMan82 characterized the Spartans play as a stinky "dump". I clicked "agree" in the box under his post yet I do want to offer an additional perspective.

Dantonio views football through a "Tressel-like" lens. Although he treated like a game that counted and with respect for his opponent, I am certain that he
entered the game as an extension of fall camp. He planned to use the game as a way to reward players and sort out the depth chart and build to word next week's game and the follow week at Notre Dame. If you look back at Ohio State's games against teams like YSU and Ohio U, you will find that many times, it was ugly and unimpressive - much like last year's Spartans dud against FAU at Ford field. That game was one of 11 wins.

What this game did for me was just bring back the reality that other teams have their scholarship players (as Dantonio always reminds us) and coaching staffs who are striving for excellence. So we are most likely to lose a game to a team that does not approach our skill level and we re likely to beat a team that is closer to "elite" status that the Spartans are.

Welcome to the party SpartanMan82!

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