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Saturday, September 3, 2011

C Mann 1979 comments on Spartan's "practice game"

I invited my brother, a Spartan in SEC country to be a guest Author on the Blog. He is an old man so I'll help him out with the technology a bit here. He did comment on the previous post (Arthur Ray Jr) and his are perfectly fit for a main post. Use the chatbox in the right column or the comments link at the bottom of the post to comment on C Mann 1979 's thought on last night's game.

Blogger C Mann 1979 said...

I watched much of the Wisconsin-UNLV game Thursday and the Badgers certainly were impressive. Granted they never play poorly at home at night and UNLV has never been a powerhouse. On the other hand, I only read the stats of the SPARTY game and feel that the D has to improve their 3rd down stop rate. YSU had the ball almost 20 minutes in the first half. Improvement came in the second half and we hope the team is ready to continue to play good D when we visit the Irish the week after they hand the chUMps their first loss of another long season. Oh and I'm taking the Broncos with the 13 1/2 points today.

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