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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


We don't make a lot of specific predictions on this web site, so when we do, we want to be right. And when we're right, we want to talk about it. So that's what we'll do right here.

The Michigan Basketball team was ranked #24 in the pre-season and seemed to be surging just before conference play began in late December. The Wolverines had won four straight games by an average of nearly 40 points per victory when we wrote this story:

We designed some customized metrics to calculate a formula aimed at determining the final conference record of the UM men's team, and to sum up, we predicted a final record of either 10-8 or 11-7. To be specific, SpartanMan82 called for "bubble status" and a league record of 10-8, forcing the need for two wins in the B1G tournament to make the NCAAs. MSUSpartan76 added his two cents, picking 11-7 as the most probable final record for the team he refers to as, "Little Missygan".

The Wolverines are 10-7 with one game to go.
That means they will finish EITHER 10-8 OR 11-7.

Unlike a more rigorous scientific approach, we don't need to demonstrate why our formula worked this time, and we can't prove that it would work the next time. This is about SPORTS, and the only thing that matters is that it worked this time. Either SM82 hits the nail on the head with an Iowa victory this weekend, or MSU76 drills it with a Wolverine upset. We basically said the "over-under" was 10.5 wins, and UM is sitting at 10 with one game to go.

If we were to raise a toast to our prediction,
we would definitely be drinking something "bubbly"!


 ****** The purpose of this web site is to expose the mainstream media bias that consistently portrays Michigan in a favorable light under any and all circumstances. We present current facts and review historical records to show that UM is not all they are cracked up to be. This process involves information that is negative by nature, offered as a counter-balance to the biased picture we all see on a regular basis in the mainstream media. These negative facts may involve Wolverine teams, players, coaches, administrators, and/or fans. We are here to prove that Michigan is NOT AS DIFFERENT as they want us all to believe.

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