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Saturday, March 5, 2016


Michigan Basketball Coach John Beilein knows exactly how he wants things run in his program, and it doesn't include making a big deal out of "Senior Day". The Old Apple Farmer had done all he can to eradicate that tradition at UM.

Most every year, his senior class comes up empty, and this year is barely different from the rest. His two luminaries have played a combined total of 23 games this season, just over 500 total minutes of action between them. Caris LeVert and Spike Albrecht have flamed-out due to injuries - - - OR WHATEVER - - - and they will walk on and off the court in street clothes Saturday night.

Many will point to the injuries as factors that are out of Beilein's control, and are preparing to chide us for being so mean as to pick on the old coach. But this "Senior Day" is not so different to the others presented by Beilein over his years in Ann Arbor. In fact, there usually aren't many seniors in uniform for the last home game of the season during the Beilein Era.

Listed below, in exhaustive detail, are all of the players whom John Beilein recruited and signed-up as Michigan Head Coach, through the current senior class. He has signed five classes that have come to fruition, generating seven players who used all their playing eligibility at UM. Beilein gets only about 2.6 years of playing time from each scholarship he awards. (That represents about 65% of the full potential of each scholarship awarded.)

Class of 2008:  4 players, 9 years of play (2.25 avg.)

BEN CRONIN, committed on 5-16-07
redshirted, played one year, then left

STUART DOUGLASS, committed on 9-12-07
played all four years and graduated

ZACK NOVAK, committed on 3-9-08
played all four years and graduated

ROBIN BENZING, committed on 5-22-08
never played for UM

Class of 2009:  4 players, 14 years of play (3.50 avg.)

JORDAN MORGAN, committed on 12-18-07
played all four years and graduated

DARIUS MORRIS, committed on 8-1-08
played two years, then left for pro ball

MATT VOGRICH, committed on 10-6-08
played all four years and graduated

BLAKE MCLIMANS, committed on 10-28-08
played all four years and graduated

Class of 2010:  3 players, 8 years of play (2.67 avg.)

EVAN SMOTRYCZ, committed on 4-9-09
played two years, then transferred

TIM HARDAWAY, committed on 6-29-09
played three years, then left for pro ball

JON HORFORD, committed on 3-26-10
stayed four years, played three, then transferred

Class of 2011:  3 players, 6 years of play (2.00 avg.)

CARLTON BRUNDIDGE, committed on 9-21-09
played one year, then transferred

TREY BURKE, committed on 8-24-10
played two years, then left for pro ball

MAX BIELFELDT, committed on 3-27-11
dismissed by John Beilein after three seasons (transferred to Indiana)

Class of 2012:  4 players, 9 years of play (2.25 avg.)

NICK STAUSKAS, committed on 3-27-11
played two years, then left for pro ball

GLENN ROBINSON, committed on 7-13-11
played two years, then left for pro ball

MITCH MCGARY, committed on 11-3-11
played two years, then left for pro ball

SPIKE ALBRECHT, committed on 4-6-12
retired from basketball after three seasons

CARIS LEVERT, committed on 5-11-12
plagued by injuries, he played about 2.25 seasons

Five Year UM Recruiting Summary

19 total players signed to NLI
46 total seasons of play
2.6 years average per player
(65% efficiency)

7 Seniors in 5 seasons

The first two classes recruited by Beilein resulted in five players who played four years and graduated, creating a nice atmosphere on Senior Day. But since that time, including three different recruiting classes, the only Seniors to show up at the end are LeVert and Albrecht. So there have been zero active-duty players appearing on Senior Day in Crisler Arena for the past three seasons.


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