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Monday, March 7, 2016


Everybody saw John Beilein's team lay an egg on "Senior Day" at Crisler on Saturday night, losing by double-digits without a single senior in uniform for the game. It was a sharp contrast to the show put on by Denzel Valentine and his classmates in Breslin.

Senior Day victories are not guaranteed, but they have become traditional for Spartan Basketball. The program is designed to bring the vast majority of its players to a performance peak during their senior seasons, culminating with a showcase in their last home game each year.

It's not quite the same at Michigan.

Beilein has eschewed both "Midnight Madness"
and "Senior Day" as meaningful dates on
the Wolverine basketball calendar.

Here's a look back at the last three Senior Days for both teams:

Michigan State won, 91-76
MSU Seniors = Valentine, Costello, Forbes, Wollenman
56 points, 17 rebounds, 19 assists

Michigan lost, 71-61
UM Seniors =  LeVert, Albrecht (DNP)
0 points, 0 rebounds, 0 assists

Michigan State won, 72-66
MSU Seniors = Trice, Dawson
21 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assists

Michigan won, 79-69
UM Seniors = None
0 points, 0 rebounds, 0 assists

Michigan State won, 86-76
MSU Seniors = Appling, Payne
16 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists

Michigan won, 84-80
UM Seniors = Morgan
15 points, 10 rebounds, 0 assists

Summing up, the last three Senior Day games for each school:
  • MSU is 3-0, with a combined victory margin of 31 points
  • UM is 2-1, with a combined victory margin of 4 points
  • Spartan Seniors: 93 points, 28 rebounds, 23 assists
  • Wolverine Seniors: 15 points, 10 rebounds, 0 assists

UM carries on incessantly about "The Michigan Difference".


 ****** The purpose of this web site is to expose the mainstream media bias that consistently portrays Michigan in a favorable light under any and all circumstances. We present current facts and review historical records to show that UM is not all they are cracked up to be. This process involves information that is negative by nature, offered as a counter-balance to the biased picture we all see on a regular basis in the mainstream media. These negative facts may involve Wolverine teams, players, coaches, administrators, and/or fans. We are here to prove that Michigan is NOT AS DIFFERENT as they want us all to believe.

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